The art of imprinting

Empriente de motifs : Abeille, Amboise et Blossom

Withstanding the test of time,
leaving a mark

The glass manufactory La Rochère was founded in 1475.From the very beginning, it was able to develop its activity, its techniques, its methods and its products, withstanding the test of time, and handing all of this down from generation to generation.
Today it is proud to be at your side, and to be connecting
with you.

With its history and its carefully preserved know-howLa Rochère is today more than just a brand,
it is a treasure that has always been part of the history of
French glassware. Thanks to its iconic products,
La Rochère has made its mark throughout the passing ages, and remains today a timeless brand. It has also been awarded the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant“.literally a ‘Living Heritage Company’.

Motif pyramide sur Carreau en verre Facet et aillette de la tasse expresso Zinc design Fabrice Gibilaro

Although it leaves a strong imprint in the everyday life it enhances with its Tableware as well as by its participation in grandiose  architectural projects, La Rochère at the same time wishes to leave its mark as little as possible on the environment, that it endeavours to preserve.
Because we cannot withstand the test of time without protecting the future.

Attentive to practical requirements as well as to the aesthetic expectations of professionals and individuals alike,
La Rochère shapes products that create emotions, whose inspiration will awaken sensibilities.