Architectural glass

Glass architecture, at the service of light

réalisations briques, pavé et tuiles en verre

La Verrerie La Rochère has been historically linked to architecture and buildings. Established in 1475 in Passavant la Rochère, it has been developing glass tiles since 1870. This creation answered the lighting needs of sub-roofs encountered by the village tileries. The architectural range was to be supplemented very quickly by paving stones, bricks, and tiles.

Noble, solid and durable material that is respectful of the environment, glass has found its place in architecture. Its ability to let in light and its play on opacity make it the preferred material for daring architecture. . Glass allows the architects’ creativity to be fully expressed through original constructions.

Ecole de foot du Racing Club de Strasbourg, et passerelle piétonne à Marseille

Reliable and practical materials:
easy installation

As with all of its products, La Rochère strives to create architectural elements that are solid and resistant, which will endure the test of time. They are also easy to install. For example, we have designed prefabricated panels to simplify the installation of La Rochère glass bricks and pavers.

Our architectural glass allows each designer to assert their style, to tell a story. The choice of glass in a building project is never trivial or by chance, it makes sense, it emphasises the personality of the architect through pronounced commitment. Furthermore, glass has entirely embodied the entry of light, which it controls, doses, intensifies or attenuates, according to its orientation, its opacity, its colour, etc. It allows marked and striking aesthetic effects.

Brique de verre Cubiver, pavé lumineux Lumi-sol et Brique coupe feu

The spirit of innovation,
know-how and technology

In a perpetual quest for excellence, La Rochère continually pursues its search for new processes. The company has thus developed innovative products in the field of glass architecture:

  • the Cubiver brick: this PVC-coated glass brick reduces and facilitate the application time
  • the Lumi-Sol paver: this paver stores light energy during the day and redistributes it at night
  • firebrick

At the service of building professionals and architects, La Rochère can also help you design and create the ideal, custom-made.product. Our thorough understanding of glass and its trade enables us to always respond accurately and efficiently to your requirements.

Please feel free to contact our teams, who will be happy to study your projects.