Ancient and

Ancient and precious know-how, since 1475

Maud façonnant un vase Magnolia

La Rochère is committed to preserving its know-how. Although we give pride of place to innovation, our glassware has retained its traditional character and historical values. Its memory , in essence, is everything that makes up its DNA.

Although glasswork has indeed been considerably modernised and mechanised, we have not forgotten our roots. La Rochère is committed to shaping balanced blends, between innovative engineering and artistic sensibility. We strive to promote the traditional know-how of the glassmaking profession, welcoming more than 70,000 visitors to our workshop every year. We are pleased to share with you our core business, the passion that drives us.

Hand-blown glass: Handcrafted by Master Glassmakers

A work of know-how and patience, Glassmaking is a demanding art. Around 10 years of training are required before a craftsman can achieve a perfect mastery of tools and materials. No less than eight people are also needed to make a glass. These traditional skills are priceless and produce striking results. La Rochère is proud to keep up this rare historical activity, and to be able to help you discover our profession when you visit our site.

moule acier verre Amboise, rebruleuse et fabrication d'une tuile en verre

Pressed glass

La Rochère has also diversified its activity, developing efficient mechanical production tools. Focusing on innovation and engineering, the company has reinvented itself over time to leave its mark in each era, as well as to withstand the test of time.

We now produce three types of glasses mechanically, each with a characteristic identity:

  • Pressed glass
  • Free-blown or mould-blown glass
  • Centrifuged glass

Détail motif Amboise, verre cristallin multi-couche motif Iris, motif Fresnel (brique en verre)


Perfect control of our tools and manufacturing processes allows us to work on carefully designed patterns,
pushing technical constraints to the limit.
We are thus able to give pride of place to full creativity, both for mechanically pressed glass, and for hand-made glassware.
In a continual search for the aesthetic, La Rochère
uses all of its know-how to colour glass,
in pursuit of the desired result.

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