Amboise Collection

Inspired and unique collections

La Rochère draws its inspiration from the past to create timeless objects, bearers of messages and narrators of history. The unique and neat style of the Amboise collection will find its place at your most elegant tables. Solid and delicate at the same time, it will make an impression during your dinners or your aperitifs, shining at every moment with its regal appearance.

The AMBOISE glass draws its inspiration from
15th century Venetian glasses, with a chalice-shaped
bowl and a base decorated with almonds and peaks.
The raised floral decoration is reminiscent of the
Renaissance arabesque style, around the central design
of the heart.
The heart was chosen to depict affection,
charm and fidelity.
Heart of love, heart of friendship.

Amboise was the first Loire Valley Renaissance
château, which was both the residence and school
of princes and princesses,
in particular Charles VIII,
who was born there, Louise of Savoy and Francis I.
It was also home to the Royal Court
in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Fascinated by the Italian culture he had discovered
during his Italy campaigns, Charles VIII invited a
number of Italian artists to Amboise in 1495,
including Dominique de Cortone and Fra Giocondo.