Libellule Collection

The Libellule collection: between poetry and lightness

La Rochère creations, iconic, poetic, but above all unique,
invite contemplation. The Libellule collection is no exception
to the rule, with its soft shapes and dreamy symbolism.

Adorned with pretty dragonflies, this collection with its
rounded outlines evokes the charm and generosity of our French countryside. . It was indeed directly inspired by the freshness of the garden and the pond.

collection de verres Libellules

Made of thick and resistant glass, which sparkles like water under the rays of the summer sun, the LIBELLULE collection is ideal for days spent outdoors. It will naturally find its place at a family picnic, or at a warm and summery everyday table. On its side, dragonflies have landed delicately, as if escaping from nature.

The Libellule service naturally evokes the garden, and will give all your tables an air of genuine escape. Let yourself be transported by its perfect blend of robustness, balance and lightness..