Since 1475 Exceptional know-how

Since 1475, our master glassmakers have been creating authentic products, prized around the world, for everyday use and for tasting. Pressed glass and hand-blown crystal form part of the main know-how we have acquired over the generations, enabling us to offer various types of glasses.

The specificity of our manufacturing process,inherited from many years of craftsmanship and design, gives our everyday glasses, a unique and robust character. Our mission is to create timeless products that combine style and durability. Drawing inspiration from our past history and from our French way of life, our designers work to dress contemporary everyday tables with their unique creations, some of which have become emblematic in themselves, such as the Bee glass.

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Stories of glass...

(en)For 546 years, we've brought glassware collections to life, each one telling its own story, like markers of time rooted in our French heritage. Today we live and share these stories with you, tracing past into present, unravelling the art and the joy of each design. May they inspire each of us as we create new experiences, as we make our own story..