Belle-Île Collection

Collection Belle-ïle

a collection that invites you to travel.

Each marked by its own style and character, the La Rochère
collections strive to transmit their heritage and their uniqueness.
Conveyors of stories and sharing, our products draw their inspiration
from a variety of universes, between memory, travel and poetry.
Each of our creations thereby becomes a discovery.

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Symbol of Brittany that is so dear to the hearts of the French,
Belle-Île is in short a jewel where life is good.

As a tribute to this idyllic place, and for all lovers of the seashore,
this curvaceous collection recalls its beautiful, curved and legendary beaches. Like a reflection at the bottom of the sea, the shells
are born there and hug the bottom of the glass.

An invitation to relaxation, travel, contemplation and sharing:
when having an aperitif on the terrace to the sound of the surf
or a joyful dinner on the deck of a boat…
Go and explore!