Memories of glassmakers

Couverture du catalogue 1895 et Ancien propriétaire M. Fouillot.

La Rochère, a historic glassware

Our inspirational collections are continually being renewed
maintaining a strong impression, a timeless brand,
a unique style. La Rochère is above all high quality glass products, inviting sharing whilst delivering messages,
coming from the past, looking to the future.

Brique reproduction à l'identique pour la Cité Refuge Paris, et le service de verre Abeille

Legendary collections,
products that make a difference

La Rochère has made a name for itself through its taste for innovation, and thanks to products that have become emblematic, such as the bee collection inspired by Napoleon’s coat of arms, or the famous glass brick commissioned by Le Corbusier for his famous ‘Cité Refuge’. 

The ice cream cup also quickly found great success with professional and private customers, for a relaxing get-together
or a tasting, sharing a moment of pleasure.

La Rochère always strives to offer the best of its creativity, to enhance your style, and to affirm your commitment. Its history has led it to work with both architectural glass and Tableware, with a singular desire to guarantee objects that are always practical, reliable, aesthetic and inspired.