Artois Glass

Verres à pied et long drink Artois

Strong, robust and luminous

these Artois glasses are designed to warmly welcome a full range of fragrances and flavors. They reflect the timeless spirit of the French art of living.
Inspired by the glassworks archives, Artois revisits an 1890 model with a cut honeycomb pattern.

The County of Artois was given by Saint Louis to
his brother, Robert, and was the appanage of the great
Houses of France, from the Capets to the Habsburg.

2 Verres à pied et long drink Artois

During the second half of the Restoration, the
Charles X style was a softer style, with more curves.
Through the combination of the cut honeycomb pattern
and its bourgeois rusticity, the Artois glass captures
the provincial charm of the early 19th century.
The County of Artois, in the north of France,
bordered the County of Flanders.