Stand out, create an atmosphere,
assert your style

Hoteliers, restaurateurs: your space is unique. The Glassworks
La Rochère offers a wide choice of collections that will help you
define a style and create an atmosphere in your own image.
Conveyor of stories and emotions, our products are designed
for your use. Reliable and robust, they offer you unparalleled
durability and resistance

Founded in 1475, La Rochère has been working since
its inception with cafes, restaurants and hotels ,
to which it provides all the necessary the necessary tableware
and decoration. . Listening to your specific needs,
we offer ranges that are as aesthetic as they are functional.

Our products to enhance yours

Discover our refined and elegant products, available in all styles: bistro, baroque, contemporary, chic canteen, etc. Create a unique atmosphere and show off your exceptional creations, to enhance your tastes. Our collections are ideal for maintaining consistency throughout your menu.
Cocktails, hot or cold drinks, ice cream cups, plates, bowls, etc.
La Rochère shapes everything you need for an accomplished service.

Please feel free to ask our teamss to help you find the most suitable products.