Glasses & carafes

Set of 4 whisky tumblers

Ref. : 616301P4

Whisky glass in pressed glass. Decorated with little cushion-like dimples, giving a pixel effect. The base is curved with a magnifying effect in the centre, which acts as a support.


Jean-François D’Or

Exploring numerous materials, Jean-François D'Or sublimates them without ostentation.
Simple and logical his objects impose themselves by the obviousness and the legibility of their concept as much as by their discreet poetry.
His work has just been crowned by a Henry Van de Velde Label.


Height: 70 mm
Ø: 79 mm
Contenance: 16 cl
Weight: 1,520 kg
Type de produit: Gobelet
Colour: transparent

Product care

Machine glass is strong glass and can safety be put in the dishwasher and the microwave. Avoid severe thermal shocks.
More details in section 'Councils of cleaning'.