Glass rooftiles and cladding

Rooftiles and cladding for the Cognacq Jay Foundation
by the Atelier Jean Nouvel


The Cognacq Jay Foundation looks after the elderly at its centre in Rueil Malmaison, focusing on art to help them in their everyday lives. In 1998 and 1999, the Foundation turned to the Ateliers Jean Nouvel to renovate and extend their existing premises, which dated back to 1916.

Architect Jean Nouvel designed a glass structure, with a geometrical shape similar to that of the original house,
creating a contrast between the two buildings dating a century apart. This glass symmetry reflects the sky and wooded grounds around the property. The building blends into its surroundings, creating an impression of openness and freedom, as requested by the Foundation.



The architect innovated by making the roof entirely
of glass tiles. A reflective film underneath the tiles provides depth and sends an extraordinary amount of light into the building, as well as insulating the structure and protecting
it from the heat.

Cladding / The roof is like a hat, with glass that sheds its skin, descends and covers the walls via ventilated cladding, also
made of glass, developed in partnership with La Rochère,
and attached to a stainless steel structure.
External thermal insulation covers the concrete,
leaving only the glass and its reflections visible.

« The idea of this architecture is to help, but to stay in the background while doing so. […]
Here I’ve opted for simplicity in keeping with an everyday routine marked by awareness of the passing of time. »

« So many discreet subtleties of a building geared to catching the Paris light »
Jean Nouvel, Architect.