Museum presentation

LA ROCHÈRE invites visitors to share
the history of its glassmaking methods
and epic journey from its foundation in 1475,
through an entertaining scenographic.

Following on from an introduction explaining
the history of glass from the time of
discovery, an extensive chronological mural
sets out developments in the compagny through the centuries, depicting how
it has experienced History with a capital H.

In the heart of the Museum, visitors can learn
about the methods and tools essential for the
art of glassmaking. Each room features videos
explaining the main areas of expertise.
A long showcase running throughout the exhibition
contains very old glassware that featured on fine tables
in bygone eras, together with more contemporary pieces
resulting from partnerships with
designer and major architects.


4, Rue de la Verrerie
F-70210 Passavant La Rochère


Museum presentation
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